Open-Source Syringe Pump


The open-source syringe pump has been designed for use in an analytical laboratory. Many open-source projects of syringe pumps have been developed since 2014 [1‑18]. However, this project has several features:

  • a universal clamp allows installing various syringes (D ≤ 25 mm);
  • all parameters (including the inner diameter of the syringe, the flow rate, the target volume and the time) can be changed using a control panel (which includes several buttons and a two-line display); connection to a computer is not required;
  • infusion, refilling or continuous (cycle) modes are available;
  • dispensing accuracy and reproducibility are comparable to commercial syringe pumps;
  • units of volume, flow rate and time can be changed;
  • an illegal input value (caused by discrete rotation of the stepper motor) is rounded to the nearest allowed value;
  • all settings are stored in non-volatile memory;
  • assembly takes several hours and requires almost no soldering.

The general view of the open-source syringe pump

Fig. 1. The general view of the open-source syringe pump.

The syringe clamp

Fig. 2. The syringe clamp. Various syringes can be installed, for example: 20‑mL plastic syringe (a), 10‑mL plastic syringe (b), 1‑mL insulin syringe (c), 100‑uL SGE glass syringe (d).


Project files

The project files are distributed under CC BY‑SA 4.0 license.

If you use this syringe pump in your research, please cite our paper.